Jade Indica from

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There is nobody nastier than Jade Indica who just loves talking dirty to her kinky fellow who adores her JOI while waiting to taste his own cum. The brunette will make sure that her slave has a great time.
Open your mouth and show me your tongue. You know what is that tongue going to do right now? It is going to get every last drop of cum that you produce out of your dick. You are going to lick it and savor every little globule of it, you cum eating slave. First thing is first, start stroking your cock for me. Take your clothes off and start jerking that member.
And every time a little drop of precum comes out I want it to end up in your mouth. If I see you waste one drop, you are going to be in so much trouble. Why don't you lube up your prick, I bet it is oozing already. You are getting really excited about all of this jizz eating talk but you will have to wait for it until I tell you can blow your load into your head.
- Jade Indica


Alexis Grace and Sadie Holmes cum eating instruction video

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Alexis and Sadie are two horny fetish babes who love having men completely under their control. If these two kinky babes give you a command you have better damn well do it or they will make you regret it.
Don't even try to pretend you aren't hard after you've been look at us like that. Why don't you take out your cock and play with it a little bit for us. Of course there is going to be a price you're going to have to pay for us letting you stroke that cock of yours. We want to see you slurp up all your own cum when you are done.
Do you see this glass table over there? We want you to blow your load all over it and then we want to see you like it all up until the glass is completely spotless. Don't you dare miss a single drop because if you do we are going to lock you up in a chastity device for an entire month. How does that sound?
- Alexis Grace & Sadie Holmes


Alexis Grace cum eating training video

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Alexis Grace loves to humiliate men and make them eat their own cum.
Why don't you cum a little closer and let your mistress control you with her commands and demands. I know what you are. You're nothing more than a little cum eating slut, aren't you? You love the taste of sperm, whether it's yours, or someone else?s. Go ahead and get out your cock and start stroking it. I want to see you eat a big hot load of your own cum like the good little cum slut that you are.
Look at you, you're already rock hard just thinking about all that warm hot jizz going down the back of your throat, aren't you? I could tell that you were the kind of guy that's totally addicted to jizz from the moment that you walked through the door. Hurry up and start stoking it faster, I want to see you swallow it all.
- Alexis Grace


Hollis Ireland Heather Silk Cum Eating Instruction

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Hollis Ireland and her friend Heather are two kinky hotties who love nothing better than making men their slaves. You do what these gorgeous fetish babes Hollis Ireland and Heather so or they are going to make your life a living hell.
Look at him, he’s hard as a rock. You can’t even be in the same room as us without getting a hard on can you? You had better take out your cock and take care of that or you are going to be hounding us all night long. We are going to help you out, so get that cock out of your pants and start stroking it while we tease you.
When you are about to cum you have to let us know. We have a little shot glass ready for you so that when you cum, you can jizz right in it. After you are done you are going to down your own cum like a shot all in one go. Make sure you don’t spill a single drop or we are going to lock your cock and balls up so tight you won’t be allowed to cum for a year.
-Hollis Ireland & Heather Silk


Ember Skye Cum Eating Feet

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Ember Skye is a pretty punk babe who loves her sex as wild as she does her music. If you think you can keep up with this kinky fetish babe Ember Skye you have another thing coming because she’s the kind of babes who appetite for sex is endless.
You know what? You’ve been a naughty little boy the last few days and I think I should make you do something really nasty as your punishment. Have you ever tasted your own cum before? Well you definitely are tonight, boy, because I am going to make you masturbate over and over again until you have blown and licked up every load you have in you.
By the time I am through with you, you are going to be addicted to cum and will seek it out like a fucking junkie. Every day I am going to feed you your own cum until you like it. I really hope you came here with an appetite because I’m going to make you eat cum until it comes out your ears.
- Ember Skye


Sadie Holmes cum eating training movie clip

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Sadie is a sick and twisted fetish babe who loves toying with the minds of her lovers. This kinky babe is one sadistic bitch, so you had better do exactly as she says, when she says it, or else?
You look like you ready for some action with your cock all hard like that. There?s just one problem with that. I didn?t give you permission to get hard. You know the rules and you also know that now you are going to have to be punished. I wonder what sort of nasty thing I should make you do this time.
I know what I should do. Since you are already all hard, I want you to take out your cock and start stroking it. Don?t be afraid, I am even going to let you cum. But there is going to be a little catch. Once you are done I want you to lick up all your own cum. Make sure you get it all because it would be a shame to waste it.
- Sadie Holmes


Luna gives cum eating instructions with a dildo

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Lady Luna Vera knows how to make her slaves imagination run wild while she is giving out formidable JOI. This petite girl is great at spicing up a fapping session with something really magnificent like cum eating.
Come on, you know the drill, take off those pants and show me your cock. Now, why don't you spit in your hand, or take some lube and grab your dick nice and firm. Get it all lubed up. You see the way I am doing it? This is exactly how I want you to do it. I hope you have been saving a big load because in the end I am going to make you eat it. Every last drop is going into that mouth of yours. The more cum you eat the happier I am going to be.
Do as I do, and stroke your boner with nice long strokes. All the way down and all the way up to the tip. Oh, you are really hard now. Make sure you have a nice firm grip. By now you should be throbbing and fighting every urge to just yank away like crazy.
- Luna Vera


Lydia Supremacy cum eating training movie

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Lydia Supremacy thinks that you are far too pathetic and small-minded to have access to her body, but given your terrible position in life, she is willing to help you out as much as she can. Listen to her wanking instructions and do exactly as she says.
How can you be that stupid that you don't know how to jerk off your cock without me telling you how it's done? Do you seriously want to admit that a woman knows more about how to pleasure your dick than you do? What a shame, no wonder no woman ever wants to be with you and all you have is a bottle of lotion and napkins to release your load on.
Get your cock out, open up your hand, spit in it and rub it all over the head of your cock. Then, get a little more and stroke it up and down. That's right, you are getting the hang of this. You are going a little bit too fast, slow down, I don't want you to cum too quick. Though when you do eventually cum, you are going to taste and savior every last drop of it. Eat your cum for me.
- Lydia Supremacy


Princess Anna cum eating instruction video

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Princess Anna knows what you are horny, because you always go and see her, hoping your pathetic dick will be taken care of. Sadly, Princess Anna is not in the mood for your antics, but she will make you jerk off and eat your own cum.
Get your cock out and let?s see how many times we can make you cum. Look at me, look at my body ? do you see this? This is what a real woman looks like. This is something that you will never have access to with your small, pathetic cock. Now I want you to stroke your shaft.
How many times do you think we can make you cum? With such a beauty before you, surely more than once is an option. Keep going with your cock ? jerk it off nice and slow. When you hit your load, squirt it all over your stomach and keep it there. Then, when I command you to cum over yourself again, you will eat every last drop of that load.
- Princess Anna


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