Princess Anna cum eating instruction video clip

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Princess Anna wants you to jerk off in front of her ? but there?s one catch, you have to do it with a condom on. Wrap up your cock and get down to business. Show Princess Anna just what a wanker you are.
You said that you were pretty hot when you were wanking, so how about you put on this sleeve and go to town on yourself? I love it when guys keep their cocks in condoms, because it means that at the end of it all, I can make sure that all of the goodness of your cum is kept in one location.
Do you know why that helps me? Think about it for a second. Why after I?ve finished encouraging you to cum would I just let you waste the fruits of your labor? You made the mess, and it is your responsibility to clean it up. So go ahead ? put your mouth around the condom and pour your juice down your throat. I want you to lap up your tasty cum.
- Princess Anna


Princess Anna Mandy Taylor Cum Eating Instruction

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Princess Anna and Mandy Taylor are a couple of hot fetish babes who are hard to handle on their own and become real trouble when they are together. Don’t push your luck with these two fetish babes or you will regret it.
We are going to let you lay back and jerk your cock off like you watch us but it’s not going to come for free. You are going to have to earn the right to check us out while you masturbate, but don’t worry about that now, just enjoy the view and stroke that cock.
Are you starting to get close to orgasm yet? You had better hurry up, we are going to start counting down from ten and when we get to zero you had better cum. 3…2…1... CUM! Good boy, now you see all that cum you just sprayed all over the place? You are going to lick it all up until you get every last drop.
- Princess Anna & Mandy Taylor


Princess Anna cum eating instruction video

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Princess Anna knows what you are horny, because you always go and see her, hoping your pathetic dick will be taken care of. Sadly, Princess Anna is not in the mood for your antics, but she will make you jerk off and eat your own cum.
Get your cock out and let?s see how many times we can make you cum. Look at me, look at my body ? do you see this? This is what a real woman looks like. This is something that you will never have access to with your small, pathetic cock. Now I want you to stroke your shaft.
How many times do you think we can make you cum? With such a beauty before you, surely more than once is an option. Keep going with your cock ? jerk it off nice and slow. When you hit your load, squirt it all over your stomach and keep it there. Then, when I command you to cum over yourself again, you will eat every last drop of that load.
- Princess Anna


Princess Anna Cum Eating

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Princess Anna is one sadistic princess and is more then happy to ruin your night for fun.
Do you have your lotion and your tissues by your bed? Or by your computer desk or where ever the fuck you are watching this video. You and your perve self, you can't even get a real girl. No one will fuck you. I guess you just need to go online and find a masturbation club because you cant seem to be able to jerk yourself off.
You need a girl like me to tell you how to do it, when to do it, where to jerk it. Its just so silly you are going to let a girl over the internet control you. But thats what you want me to do right? I know you do. You want me to get you so hot and hard while you jerk that little dick of yours until you cum. And then you want me to tell you that you've got to eat all that cum up... right?
-Princess Anna


Princess Anna Cum Eating Femdom

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So you think I'm hear to help you jerk off don't you? I'll help you stroke your cock and bring you to a mind-blowing orgasm if you promise to do what I tell you at the end.
I know you can't resist an opportunity for a girl to tell you how to stroke it. Yea you're hard already I can tell. Just talking about it gets you all worked up now whip it out loser! Pretend that your hand is my hand and rub that cock of yours so it's rock hard.
Give me long, hard strokes and make sure it's all lubed up. When I countdown to 5 I want you to fucking cum everywhere all over yourself. You ready? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 cum for your princess! Oh yea sooo good and so messy now get on your fucking hands and knees for me, we are NOT done yet. Scoop up all that cum you just blew and eat it up. Lick it all up for me!
- Princess Anna


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