Carissa Montgomery Cum Eating Training

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Carissa Montgomery is a classically beautiful blonde bombshell with seductive powers like you’ve never seen before. It’s no wonder there are so many men begging to be her slave with such a smoking hot body like hers.
You look like you are hungry and I know exactly what you can eat. I want you to masturbate for me, but when you cum I want you to cum in your own mouth. I know your dick is too small to reach to your mouth and you are too weak to shoot it that far, but I happen to know of a way for you to manage it.
First, take off all of your clothes and lay in the bed. Now I want you to take your legs and put them back over your head. Now do see how you can jerk off and shoot your cum right in your own mouth in this position? You should learn it well because you’re going to be doing it a lot from now on.
- Carissa Montgomery


Crystal Clark and Janira Wolfe

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Nasty ladies Crystal Clark and Janira Wolfe have a great cum eating game planned for their slave. They will make him put on a condom before he starts playing with himself.
Our horny boy wants to stroke his cock so bad today. That is good because we are going to let him have some fun. So, why don't you put on a condom? Nice and tight. Grab that dick and start pulling on it. We want you to fill up that rubber with your jizz since we are planning to make you eat all of your semen. You are going to empty the content of that condom in your mouth. Keep stroking you dong.
It must feel really good to do it since you are watching the two of us. Let's tease him with our perfect asses. We bet you would like to reach and touch us but that is not likely to happen. Play with that plastic covered dick of yours until you cum like never before. This is still a really big privilege when you have girls like these in front of you.
- Crystal Clark & Janira Wolfe


Natalie Laine Cum Eating Instructions

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Natalie Laine is a scorching hot fetish babe with curves in all the right places. Once you get a load of the knockout body on this mistress you’ll be glad to do anything she says, no matter how nasty.
Do you remember that one time that you told me you thought it must be gross for women to swallow guy’s cum? Well I definitely remembered and that is exactly what you are going to do tonight. You’re going to take off all your clothes, lay back, and jerk off until you cum. When you blow you load I want you to make sure you do it in the palm of your hand so you can slurp it all up.
You’re lucky that it’s your own cum you are eating tonight because I could easy call up a couple of my big cocked friends to come over and feed you come of theirs. That’s what’s going to happen if you spill a single drop of your own jizz or don’t finish it all. Now get jerking before I decide to punish you more.
- Natalie Laine


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Lovely chick Terra Mizu knows how to tease a guy with her body and her dirty talking. This chick with glasses is great at giving out instructions on how to masturbate and eat jizz.
I know how excited you are to see me today so I figured I would give you some fun time. You know what to do, go ahead and take your boner out for me. Grab the base of your cock and start stroking it. Don't go too fast. I like what I see and it is making me horny right now. I cannot help but feel so sexy since it is so nice to watch you jerk that dick. I can sense that you are getting really hard and excited and that you want to blow your load. But there is no hurry.
Let me see you squeeze those soft balls. Roll them around in your hand a little bit. Wouldn't you just love to rub your dick between my tits? I am having way too much fun teasing you with my curves. I got you too turned on so make sure to cum in your hand for me. Don't make a mess now. Well because it is in your hand, I think it would be best for you to eat it.
- Terra Mizu


Taylor Raz Vanessa Vixon Iva Sinister Cum Eating

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Taylor Raz, Iva Sinister, and Vanessa Vixen are three dominate hotties who don’t take no for an answer. If these three fierce willed fetish hotties tell you to do something, you had better do it or they will punish you in ways you can’t even imagine.
We heard that you had never eaten your own cum so we thought that we should play a little game today. Don’t worry, you get to cum, but you are going to have to pay for the right to release your load. Three times to be exact. We are going to make you jerk off three times in a row and eat your cum every time.
You aren’t leaving this room until you have eaten three full loads of your own cum. You had better take out that cock and start beating it because the sooner you get done swallowing three loads of cum the better. You don’t want to know what we are going to do to you if you aren’t able to cum three times in a row tonight so you had better start jerking it already.
- Taylor Raz, Iva Sinister & Vanessa Vixon


Cum eating training with sexy Summer Day

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While the alluring blonde Summer Day is showing off her hot body she also likes to talk dirty. This amazing mistress likes making a cock hard by giving out cum eating instructions.
Are you looking at me? Because if the answer is yes, I need you to pull your cock out. Just start jerking it for me, just like that. I hope you are getting excited since I am excited as well about making you eat your cum. It is going to be so yummy so go ahead and keep stroking that dick. I am just going to keep thinking about you licking your jizz. I know it is going to be different but you will do it anyway.
Keep stroking your boner and I will tell you when you will be able to blow your load. You are going to enjoy your tasty semen. I can tell that you are in love my curves since you are getting very hard right now. Don't stop playing with it. I hope you are ready to have an orgasm because I am going to count and then I want you to cum in your hand and lick all of that love juice up.
- Summer Day


Nikki Masters Cum Eating Big Tits

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I've noticed you have been watching me again today. You're always peeking in my window when I'm in the shower and I can see you jerking your dick. Do you think I'm amused? Do you like what you see?
My perfect body, tits and tight ass for you to masturbate to. Go ahead and pull it out, yea right now in front of me and let me see what you have. Start stroking it nice and slowly for me. I give you permission now grab your balls and squeeze them and continue to jerk off.
You feeling nervous? This is quite fun for you I can tell. Keep going now faster and faster and you can cum in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and CUM. YAY you blew your load all over now lick it up! You didn't think I was going to let you jerk off in front of me for nothing did you? Lick it all up and tell me how it tastes. Good boy now get out of my sight!
- Nikki Masters


Randy Moore Cum Eating Instruction

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I am your sex life.  You sit there in front of the computer and jerk it for me all day and night.  I completely own you so go ahead and take or your dick I want to see you masturbate for me.
Tease your balls a bit and play with the tip of your dick until your rock hard for my body on your bed.  But be sure to let me know when you are about to cum, because I have a special surprise for you.  So keep fapping away on your pick and let me know... but I'll give you a hint. You'll have to eat your cum to please me!
- Randy Moore


Samantha Grace in a video at Cum Eating Training

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Alluring chick Samantha Grace adores giving out jerking off orders to her slave who is one lucky fellow since he gets to watch this amazing woman's hot body. This experienced mistress has a way of making a boner super stiff.
What is my little cum bucked up to? I have an idea for some fun. I know how much you love being teased and how much my body turns you on. I bet you keep thinking about digging your face deep in my ass. Touch your cock while you are looking at me, but you are only to cum when I say so. I will need you to finish one hundred percent on my terms since you have been given a privilege of an orgasm which I do not give too often. I hope you are enjoying the view and wishing to be between these legs.
To show how dominating I am over you I will put on my strap-on. Stroke your dick just like I am stroking mine. Make that cock throb. I know you also like the taste of your cum so I will let you lie on your back and bend down. Point your boner to your face since I want you to jizz in your mouth.
- Samantha Grace


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