Nikki Masters Cum Eating Big Tits

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I've noticed you have been watching me again today. You're always peeking in my window when I'm in the shower and I can see you jerking your dick. Do you think I'm amused? Do you like what you see?
My perfect body, tits and tight ass for you to masturbate to. Go ahead and pull it out, yea right now in front of me and let me see what you have. Start stroking it nice and slowly for me. I give you permission now grab your balls and squeeze them and continue to jerk off.
You feeling nervous? This is quite fun for you I can tell. Keep going now faster and faster and you can cum in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and CUM. YAY you blew your load all over now lick it up! You didn't think I was going to let you jerk off in front of me for nothing did you? Lick it all up and tell me how it tastes. Good boy now get out of my sight!
- Nikki Masters


Austin Lynn and Gia Steele cum eating training

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Mistresses Austin Lynn and Gia Steele have teamed up for a great JOI experience which will make their friend super horny. These sex goddesses love talking dirty.
Hey, soldier! You have that dick out for us? Start shaking it and stroking it slowly. Imagine our skillful tongues all over your boner while you are squeezing it from the bottom to the tip. Spit on it because I want to see that saliva drip while you are pressing your member. I bet it is making you super horny when you see us touching each other's amazing bodies. You cannot have these great titties so keep jerking off. Beat that dong until we tell you that you can cum.
When we give you a countdown we want you to cum in your hand. But keep jerking it since we want you to get hard one more time for us. Jerk your prick with your jizz all over it. It is all sticky from your semen and it is turning you on so bad. When you cum the second time you will slurp it all up.
- Austin Lynn & Gia Steele


Randy Moore Cum Eating Instruction

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I am your sex life.  You sit there in front of the computer and jerk it for me all day and night.  I completely own you so go ahead and take or your dick I want to see you masturbate for me.
Tease your balls a bit and play with the tip of your dick until your rock hard for my body on your bed.  But be sure to let me know when you are about to cum, because I have a special surprise for you.  So keep fapping away on your pick and let me know... but I'll give you a hint. You'll have to eat your cum to please me!
- Randy Moore


Sexy brunette Nikki Daniels in a video at Cum Eating Training

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There is nothing more exciting that watching Nikki Daniels get naked while giving out jerking off instructions. This cock craving babe has to spice up things with a bit of jizz eating.
Does my outfit turn you on? Are you getting hard looking at my long legs? Take your cock out and start jerking it for me. I will take off my apron for you. Oh, this is so much better. I hope you are enjoying my formidable body while you are playing with yourself.
Do it a little bit faster now. I should stop teasing you and take my top off since I know how much you like staring at my tits. Imagine how good it would feel if you could stick your boner between them. You are making my pussy so wet while you are stroking your love tool. You know how I like it. I cannot sustain myself so I will have to take my panties off, too. Now I want you to cum like never before. Blow your load all over your hands, now put that jizz on a plate and start feasting on it.
- Nikki Daniels


Taylor Raz Danica Logan Foot Fetish Cum Eating

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Look at our big fuzzy socks they are so comfy! Don’t you wonder what they feel like on your dick?
Let’s tease you a little bit and slowly peel off our socks to reveal our perfect size 8 bare feet. We know you can’t hold it in so start stroking it you foot fetish loser.
Keep going looking at our feet, soles, arches and toes. You can’t get enough of our feet all over your face and jamming our toes down your mouth. Stroke it like you mean it up and down up and down. Cum for us on the count of 10 and clean up your mess afterwards!
- Danica Logan & Taylor Raz


Samantha Grace in a video at Cum Eating Training

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Alluring chick Samantha Grace adores giving out jerking off orders to her slave who is one lucky fellow since he gets to watch this amazing woman's hot body. This experienced mistress has a way of making a boner super stiff.
What is my little cum bucked up to? I have an idea for some fun. I know how much you love being teased and how much my body turns you on. I bet you keep thinking about digging your face deep in my ass. Touch your cock while you are looking at me, but you are only to cum when I say so. I will need you to finish one hundred percent on my terms since you have been given a privilege of an orgasm which I do not give too often. I hope you are enjoying the view and wishing to be between these legs.
To show how dominating I am over you I will put on my strap-on. Stroke your dick just like I am stroking mine. Make that cock throb. I know you also like the taste of your cum so I will let you lie on your back and bend down. Point your boner to your face since I want you to jizz in your mouth.
- Samantha Grace


Ember Skye Cum Eating Feet

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Ember Skye is a pretty punk babe who loves her sex as wild as she does her music. If you think you can keep up with this kinky fetish babe Ember Skye you have another thing coming because she’s the kind of babes who appetite for sex is endless.
You know what? You’ve been a naughty little boy the last few days and I think I should make you do something really nasty as your punishment. Have you ever tasted your own cum before? Well you definitely are tonight, boy, because I am going to make you masturbate over and over again until you have blown and licked up every load you have in you.
By the time I am through with you, you are going to be addicted to cum and will seek it out like a fucking junkie. Every day I am going to feed you your own cum until you like it. I really hope you came here with an appetite because I’m going to make you eat cum until it comes out your ears.
- Ember Skye


Cum eating training with Raven Rae

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Raven Rae is a stunning brunette who wants to make her stallion hard with her dirty words. This babe loves teasing a fellow with her cum eating suggestions.
I love watching you stroke your cock. Make sure it is nice and hard for me. I want you to softly play with it. I can just imagine how good that must feel. Make sure to massage it up and down really gently. I love picturing your boner deep inside my pussy. Now do it a little harder and faster. I like the fact that you like what you see because I can tell you are really stiff now. There are so many places on my body from which your cum can drip. I wonder what you taste like. Did you ever wonder about that?
Make sure you cuff your balls nice and tight. Grab your shaft tight, tight as my pussy. Keep imagining how nice it would be if you could me in any way you want. Get ready to cum for me. I cannot wait to see your load. Now taste and lick your own semen. Eat it all up.
- Raven Rae


Sadie Holmes cum eating training movie clip

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Sadie is a sick and twisted fetish babe who loves toying with the minds of her lovers. This kinky babe is one sadistic bitch, so you had better do exactly as she says, when she says it, or else?
You look like you ready for some action with your cock all hard like that. There?s just one problem with that. I didn?t give you permission to get hard. You know the rules and you also know that now you are going to have to be punished. I wonder what sort of nasty thing I should make you do this time.
I know what I should do. Since you are already all hard, I want you to take out your cock and start stroking it. Don?t be afraid, I am even going to let you cum. But there is going to be a little catch. Once you are done I want you to lick up all your own cum. Make sure you get it all because it would be a shame to waste it.
- Sadie Holmes


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